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Accounts Payable Services

Master Vendor File Clean-Up Diagnostic Service

This service analyzes your accounts payable vendor master files for duplication and also performs additional cleansing to the master file. Results are provided in customized Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.  This service provides a list of vendors and expected changes to cleanse the data; it does not automatically update the your accounting system’s vendor master file.

What You Give Us: A listing of all entries in your master vendor file. The file for the review must contain:    

  • Vendor number
  • Vendor name
  • Vendor address, city, state, and zip code

To test for inactive vendors, we will also need a listing of open and paid invoices for the last two years with one record for each vendor invoice. The file for the period under review must contain:            

  • Vendor number
  • Invoice number
  • Gross invoice amount
  • Invoice date
  • Payment date

Additional information is useful for improving the identification of potential duplicates but is not required. Typically this includes:

  • Vendor telephone
  • Vendor tax identification number
  • Vendor DUNS number
  • Vendor bank account and routing numbers

Format of Data Feed

  • Flat files
  • Access databases
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Delimited files
  • Printer spool files (under certain circumstances)

What We Give You:  Within 48 business hours of receiving your information, you will receive a report that includes:

1) An Excel spreadsheet flagging potential duplicate vendors based on:

  • Address field, zip code, bank routing information, and/or tax identification numbers.
  • Differences in the address field that are up to four characters different.
  • Punctuation or abbreviation differences that should be converted to complete or conventional usage (i.e., Blvd to Boulevard).

It is your responsibility to use this information to research the potential duplicates identified and update your master vendor file.

2) If we notice trends of errors in your data, we will include recommendations on how to fix those problems.

3) Additionally, we’ll provide you a list of vendors not used within the last 12 months. These should be deactivated. Please note: If you would prefer to receive only vendors not used within the last 24 months, let us know in advance and we will run the reports that way. 

4) Information regarding master vendor file best pactices and sample naming conventions.

Pricing: For organizations with fewer than 50,000 vendors in their master vendor file

Annual (and first) reports:                   $7,995

Quarterly, thereafter                           $3,495

Call Mary Schaeffer at 302-836-0540 for arrangements or additional information.

For organizations with more than 50,000 vendors in their master vendor file, call Mary Schaeffer at 302-836-0540 for customized pricing or additional information.