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Accounts Payable Services

*Please visit all three sections of our Duplicate Payment Resource Center: here for page one; page two here; and page three here.

Duplicate Payment Diagnostic Service

This service analyzes your accounts payable data streams and creates a report of your potential duplicate payments.  The software we’ll use to analyze your data is currently being employed by several leading audit recovery firms. Results are provided in customized Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

What You Give Us: A listing of open and paid invoices with one record for each vendor invoice. The file for the period under review must contain:                

  • Vendor number
  • Invoice number
  • Gross invoice amount
  • Invoice date
  • Payment date

Additional information can be useful in improving the identification of potential duplicates but is not required.

Format of Data feed

  • Flat files
  • Access databases
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Delimited files
  • Printer spool files (under certain circumstances)

What We Give You:  Within 48 business hours of receiving your information, you will receive a report in an Excel spreadsheet showing potential duplicate payments based on:

1. Duplicate supplier number/name, invoice number, invoice date, and amount.

2. Duplicate supplier number/name, invoice date, amount, and same number values in the invoice number.

3. Duplicate supplier number, invoice number, date, and same leading digits in invoice value.

4. Duplicate invoice number, date, and amount with different suppliers.

5. Duplicate supplier number, invoice date, and amount with different length invoice numbers.

It is your responsibility to use this information to research the potential duplicates identified and recover the funds, if they have already been paid to a vendor.

Pricing: For organizations with fewer than 500,000 invoices per year

First time reports:                       $4995

Quarterly, thereafter                   $3995

Monthly, thereafter                     $2995

Weekly, thereafter                      $1495

For organizations with more than 500,000 invoices, call Mary Schaeffer at 302-836-0540 for customized pricing.

Still not sure? Several organizations run their data only once a year using the $4995 service. For additional information or to sign up, call Mary Schaeffer at 302-836-0540 or e-mail her.