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AP Now’s Holdiay Wish for Readers

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Although not nearly as lyrical as the original, we offer you AP Now’s 12 Holiday Wishes for 2009 year end

1. May AP get year end closed well before midnight!

2. Let fraud of all types not slip through your safeguards,

3. And duplicate payments become but a fading memory.

4. May your staff be satisfied with their work and their pay,

5. Let your boss be pleased enough with your work to fight for that promotion you so richly deserve.

6. And let employment be found elsewhere for those disgruntled co-workers who make life so difficult for you and your staff.

7. May there be adequate budget so you do not have to layoff anyone.

8. May your 1099s fly out the door in January without a hitch.

9. Let B-Notices clutter your mailbox nevermore.

10. May the auditors, be they escheat, sales and use tax, or worse, never darken your doorstep again.

11. Let you find both the humor and the patience to deal with the absurd -especially on those occasions when ridiculous seems to rule the day.

12. And most importantly, may you unearth a little spare time to sit down, plan, and enjoy yourself.

… and of course, may there be a few dollars left in the budget so you can a subscription to Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow, AP Now’s Quarterly Diagnostic or The CFO & Controller’s Accounts Payable Management Journal.  

(c) 2009 Mary Schaeffer, CRYSTALLUS, Inc. and Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow